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Special Election for State Delegate for 24th District on December 18th!

SPECIAL ELECTION – DEC. 18, 2018 STATE DELEGATE FOR 24TH DISTRICT Ronnie Campbell is our GOP candidate for the 24th District’s Delegate to the Virginia General Assembly. Ronnie believes in the Republican Creed, treasures our U.S. Constitution and Virginia Constitution, and will work to protect our individual freedoms and liberties. Visit Voteronniecampbell.com for more Read more…

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Incumbent Protection Act

  (LEXINGTON, VA) – On January 19, 2018, the Federal District Court for the Western District of Virginia held that Section 24.2-509(B) of the Code of Virginia, commonly known as the Incumbent Protection Act, violates the free association clause of the First Amendment as applied to political parties in the state. Read more…

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