A Myopic/Dystopic/Utopic View in Politics

A myopian perspective stems from serious and consequential life experiences that are characterized by an overwhelming impression of a comprehensive breakdown of social life.  One does not necessarily comply in their situation but rather develops a more or less extreme rejection of what they perceive to be the causes for such negative effects.  As a result, “being myopian” designates a subsequent stubbornness to look ahead as well as a resulting narrow-mindedness and pessimistic attitude towards the society as the frame for one’s conduct.

A dystopian perspective is an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives (Merriam-Webster), and views the world with
a “cosmic pessimism” that stems from the perception of the world as haunted by
a “cosmic anxiety”. This ends in a cataclysmic disaster generated by the causes of this pessimism and anxiety.

A utopian perspective is “a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions” (Merriam-Webster). Utopia is a possible response given to the anxieties and pessimistic perspectives as well as to unsatisfied hopes and dreams of people, and predominantly symbolizes an ideal and desired place in order to escape reality of one’s current situation.

Politics takes on many of these perspectives.  Democrats and Socialists intertwine all three to create a false sense of necessity to vote in favor of their initiatives.  By spinning the dystopic view that Republicans are creating a world in which our policies are to dehumanize people and eventuate world domination, the utopia that they sell sounds great.  Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where everything is free?  However, Democrats know this to be untrue, and know that the only way to gain votes is to make people feel as if they are being treated as something less than they are by Republicans, in order to encourage them to feel that they are entitled to more from the government.  As my mother always told me: “Some people bring you down, in order to be the one to feel good about themselves about picking you up.”

This dystopian narrative then leads to a myopic view once Democrats don’t deliver on their utopian promises.  Instead of realizing their circumstances have not improved, but instead have deteriorated, and finding a way to remove themselves from their current situation, many people develop a pessimistic view about the world in general.  They have been lied to by the Democrats, are untrusting of the Republicans because of what the Democrats have told them, yet they still hold onto the hope that this perfect world will transpire.  As Republicans, we believe in giving a hand up instead of a handout.  Luckily, many have realized their situation is one of their own making, and their future is one of their own choosing.  People are tired of the lies and know that they are not entitled to anything that they did not work for and that is why there is the #Blexit, #Lexit, and #WalkAway movements.

There are still many who live in a myopic and dystopian world.  Several do so based on their inability to move forward from an election they’ve lost.  Many do so because they feel inferior based on an irrational fear of imagined persecution. Many do so because they feel entitled based on self-aggrandizement in an imaginary utopia.  The rest of us live in reality, and we are ready to work hard to make sure that our country, with all of its beauty and ugliness, is not taken away from us based on lies and imaginary persecution, or false promises and self-degradation.  Reality is sometimes ugly, but the utopia the Liberal Socialists are trying to sell, is deadly.

Living in Reality,

“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.”

~ Jack Welch

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