In the Name of Hate

The past weekend was filled with indescribable horror as two different cities were attacked by violence and hatred.  As families were shopping in El Paso, Texas and patrons were enjoying a summer evening in downtown Dayton, Ohio, two very disturbed individuals decided to alter the lives of multitudes with their sick and vile acts.  I would like to believe that these tragic events will soon end, but unfortunately, they are happening way too often.

Always on cue, the Democrats immediately politicized this horrific event to push forward their gun-grabbing agenda.  Along with the main stream media, they also start blaming President Trump and his supporters.  Virginia Democrats immediately started fundraising initiatives not even 24 hours after the tragedies.

How do we stop these tragedies from taking place?  I do not know the answer, but I do know that infringing upon our 2nd Amendment rights is not the answer.  Blaming Republicans or President Trump is not the answer.  Calls for anarchy are absolutely not the answer.

There is absolute evil walking among us.  Hate is taking over people’s hearts.  Delegate Chris Head said it perfectly last week, “this is a spiritual war, a war between good and evil.”  Anti-Semitism and bigotry is at an all time high.  Socialist-Democrats allow this rhetoric from sitting members of Congress.  Virginia Democrats allow this disgusting behavior from members of the House of Delegates.  And, this behavior will continue if we do not maintain the majority in the General Assembly this year.

Democrats are targeting almost every district this year and next.  The most vulnerable need additional help financially and volunteer-wise.  Democrats are out-raising us because they have deep pockets from outside of Virginia.  They are also not declining money from Governor Northam, even though they were calling for his resignation not too long ago.

The Left wants to continue to stir up the divisions between all of us.  They thrive off the emotional responses to these tragic events so they can blame Republicans and President Trump in order to push forward their agendas to take away our rights.  We cannot allow their narratives dictate who we are or how we act or react.  We can respond by working hard for our candidates and by making sure that we retain the majority in Virginia this year, and take back the majority in Congress and re-elect President Trump next year.

Congressman Ben Cline said, “Terrorism is violence in pursuit of a political agenda.” Let’s work hard to make sure it doesn’t obtain that agenda.



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