We Are NOT New York!

   By now you have heard that Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, has signed into law the most horrific legislation to date regarding abortion.  The fact that organizations like Planned Parenthood celebrated the passage of this egregious law, tells you everything you need to know. If you haven’t heard about this law, you can read it here.  In short, this law allows pregnant women to seek abortion into the third trimester, and up until the moment of birth.  This is absolutely heart wrenching.


    Now, the Commonwealth’s own Governor, and his liberal allies want to pass that same legislation here in Virginia.  With our very slim majority, our legislators have voted against many of the bills that would allow women to seek abortion on demand.  Last week, the General Assembly voted against the ERA, which was a back door way for abortions on demand to become a reality. However, the fight is not over. There is still another route the pro-ERA advocates are trying to take to get Virginia to ratify the ERA.  There is still more pro-abortion legislation that must be stopped.

We must keep fighting to keep this from becoming reality.  However, with federal judges choosing a redistricting map that favors Democrats, our fight becomes that much more daunting.  While the redistricting will not affect the 6th District directly, it will affect us indirectly.

There are six House of Delegate districts in the Hampton Roads area that are currently held by Republicans which will become more difficult to defend.  That means that we will no longer have the majority in the General Assembly, and the legislation the Democrats have not been able to pass up until now, will be passed, which will harm the 6th District until we regain the majority again. 

     Currently, Republicans have introduced a constitutional amendment to the redistricting plan, and a reform bill.  We shall see what transpires.

This does not mean we give up.  I hear moans of “What’s the point?” and “There’s no use,” and frankly that is very disappointing.  Our founding fathers did not give up.  They did not throw up their hands and say “Oh well!”  They didn’t rebel against England for personal enrichment; they rebelled because they truly believed that the loss of freedom was worse than death.  When did we lose our sense of rebellion in order to keep our freedom?

Ever rebellious,

 “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

~ Thomas Jefferson

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